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Building / Construction / Re: Adrian Page Super Cub
« Last post by bweaver on Today at 05:31:02 pm »
I am so glad to see this aircraft airworthy again.  Great repair job....

It's already for another Cub Fun Day!

Building / Construction / Re: Adrian Page Super Cub
« Last post by Gregor77 on Today at 04:58:33 pm »
Great work Michael!

I was there for the first one that you stalled and flattened into the field.  To see all the work on this one and then crash it again almost broke my heart!   It's nice to see that this model is back in action. Next time just grab a foam model for these type of events... lol!
Building / Construction / Re: Adrian Page Super Cub
« Last post by Michael on Today at 12:54:58 pm »
The 2nd Resurrection (no, this has nothing to do with Christmas nor religion).


As some of you know, my stupidity took hold and I used this plane in a skills contest, and nearly destroyed it. (The first crash a couple years ago was due to a faulty radio. Spektrum took responsibility for it and compensated me.) This merited me winning Crash-of-the-Year award at our December annual general meeting.

The damage was extensive, but after several months, I'm happy to say that it's ready to fly again!

Trading Post / E-Flite F-86 Sabre 15 DF +EDF+Motor+ESC+Servos $175
« Last post by ppalumbo on Today at 12:22:52 pm »
E-Flite F-86 Sabre 15 DF

Includes: E-Flite EDF & motor, 60A ESC & Hitec Servos all around.


Also on RC Canada
TEMAC Events / Re: TEMAC Indoor Funfly - Dec 26, 2017, 6pm to 10pm
« Last post by Andy Hoffer on Today at 09:41:44 am »
Reporting for Dome duty. :)


Does that mean you're going to shave your head?!!!  I don't know if I can cope with such evocative visual imagery.   8)

Building / Construction / Re: Chica build
« Last post by Frank v B on Yesterday at 08:19:56 pm »
I will be starting my Chica next week.  Now that I have mastered the inclusion of photos in a Forum post, I hope to be including photos as well.  My objective is to have the bones done for the January build class, if not two weeks earlier for the first Pilots' meeting.

Rob will take his to completion before the build class.  We are hoping more people will build one once they see Rob's ready to go.


Building / Construction / Re: Chica build
« Last post by piker on Yesterday at 06:51:01 pm »
Very nice, Rib!  Can't wait to see it all dressed up!
Building / Construction / Re: Chica build
« Last post by octagon on Yesterday at 06:10:31 pm »
There is nothing as satisfying to me as when I finally glue all the components together and the epoxy has set, that everything is straight and level and lines up, they way that guys who really can build, build all their planes.As far as I can measure that is the case with this little guy.  The motor is installed and seems (I think) to have some down and right offset. I am up in the air about the prop until I can get a wattmeter on the thing, which might happen tomorrow. Pinnacle had the perfect canopy for it. I was going to use a folding prop, but the instructions included with the prop say not to use it if the motor is going to turn over more than 16,000 RPM, and by my figuring it will be turning at about 22,000 RPM, so I guess I will go with a fixed prop. Maybe put a plywood skid on it on the bottom of the fuse. I fiberglassed the nose to hopefully prevent it from breaking off in Dickinson style landings. This has been a fun and straightforward build, and if anyone is sitting on the fence about building it, let me say go for it, you will enjoy it.
OK Bruce
That's awesome....   :)
you must have a system....  ::) ..... right???
Looks so good... :o
the build class is so much fun cant wait... ;D
Building / Construction / Re: Bent motor shaft is now straight!
« Last post by Frank v B on Yesterday at 12:40:11 pm »

re:  "I've never posted anything to YouTube either!!!"

Lemme see!   Don't you fly 72 as well?  That, and age (maturity), must be the common element!! ;D
Luckily we have Oscar in our Club.  We can ask him for guidance.

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