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General Discussion / Re: FPV at TEMAC
« Last post by sihinch on Today at 07:51:11 pm »
Awesome! It sounds like a plan!

Thanks again Stephan and Peter.  :D
General Discussion / Re: FPV at TEMAC
« Last post by Crazyflyer on Today at 07:46:40 pm »
Hi Simon, that is exactly what I meant. Sorry I wasn't clear.
General Discussion / Re: FPV at TEMAC
« Last post by sihinch on Today at 07:34:33 pm »
No. I’m not proposing we have frequency signs on the pilot stations.

Just a station number. 1-5.

And then each station will correspond to a frequency group which is shown on the central location.

We don’t want people changing their frequencies at the pilots station. They shouldn’t need a frequency chart at the station.
General Discussion / Re: FPV at TEMAC
« Last post by Crazyflyer on Today at 07:15:09 pm »
Cool, so to confirm the main board will be as per Peter's V5 frequency chart. And the individual groups can be placed on the individual flight stations.
Peter, do you need anything from me?

General Discussion / Re: FPV at TEMAC
« Last post by sihinch on Today at 04:36:50 pm »
Thanks again Peter and Stephan.

Can I suggest that we keep to just 1 frequency board.  NOT one at each Pilot station.  So be all means, let's go ahead with a "larger" frequency table, to be place somewhere near the current 72Mhz sign.

But I do agree with labelling the pilot stations with a number.  I can do that, no problem.

For the FPV rules, can we please wait because I do want to review them a little more and ensure we have everything covered.  And then get Graham's approval, from a Safety perspective.
General Discussion / Re: Rogo Field Closed for 2017-2018 Winter Flying
« Last post by Frank v B on Today at 04:03:55 pm »

And @Frank v B, BJ also found landing gear sticking out of the ground with one wheel exposed and the remainder of the plane rooted well in the ground.  Unfortunately the ground is still frozen, so it couldn't be recovered or 'harvested' at this time.  The buried aircraft was believed to belong to you, resulting from one of your attempts at fall planting.

You have it all wrong:
1) I do not litter- I picked up after everyone of my crashes.  I come to the field with at least 20 garbage bags in my flight box.
2) I am not missing an airplane.  I will gladly adopt what you found.
3) The only thing I did not recover..... and will accept abuse for... is a missing canopy of my little 20" span Cox Zero.  It probably went through the combine and has probably been reduced to the atomic level and vapourized.  It was not much bigger than that to begin with. :)

My fall planting levels were below normal last summer. ;D


General Discussion / Re: FPV at TEMAC
« Last post by ppalumbo on Today at 04:01:04 pm »
Great!  If there are no objections I’ll start on the following:

•   One small sign for each pilot station (A, B, C…., colour coded and will list channels and frequency)
•   One sign (maybe hung below current channel chart) as a general reference (like the PDF I attached)
•   One FPV rules sign.

I agree that pit mode is not critical at this point and does not need to be regulated at this point. If you have equipment that supports it then we should feel free to use it for set up.

Over to the board for approval I guess.
Flight Instruction / MAAC Safety Code
« Last post by sihinch on Today at 03:15:29 pm »
I'm not sure if you are all aware, but MAACs approach to safety has been revamped, and the Safety Code is now essentially made up of a collection of MSDs - MAAC Safty Documents.

You should probably take some time to review the Safety Documents here:

Some that are more relevant to TEMAC are:

MAAC Safety Code, MSD 3 for All Model Aircraft

MAAC Safety Code, MSD 6 for General RC Aircraft

MAAC Safety Code, MSD 7 Need for Spotters & Helpers

MAAC Safety Code, MSD 8 Use of First Person View (FPV) devices

MAAC Safety Code, MSD 11 for RC Night Flying

MAAC Safety Code, MSD 12 for 3D Aerobatics

MAAC Safety Code, MSD 17 Radio Spectrum

MAAC Safety Code, MSD 23 for All Multi Rotor Model Aircraft

Flight Instruction / 2018 TEMAC Wings Program Update
« Last post by sihinch on Today at 03:09:18 pm »
As TEMACs new Chief Flight Instructor (CFI) this year, I (@bweaver) would like to introduce students and club members to the 2018 TEMAC Wings Program.

Before getting started, I would like to extend my personal thanks to past CFIs Mike Hazelton, Michael Rogozinsky and Acting CFI Frank van Beurden.  Also many thanks to all of the club Instructors and Ground Crew who support students in becoming comfortable in the club and in learning to fly safely.

Consistent with the existing wings program there is no "wings test” per say administered at TEMAC by the CFI.  Every time you train at TEMAC your abilities to fly are being observed. The path to earning your wings is a culmination of several flights and a few other items. Everyone takes a different amount of time to get there so don't feel that you can just tear your way through and earn your wings in a weekend.

At TEMAC, we take the wings program seriously. Why you ask? Well for starters we like the club and want it to last a long time. That means not risking an injury or lawsuit after a wayward model aircraft ends up on the road, in the pits, or in someone's windshield. Secondly, once you earn you wings, you become a representative of TEMAC; both at our field and at other clubs you visit. We don't want other clubs unleashing terror on us, so we need to reciprocate.

So how does a person earn their wings? Here's what it takes.

1. Show up to training nights ready to fly and with a good attitude. This whole thing is supposed to be fun, so let’s remember that.  TEMAC has a number of keen and qualified volunteer instructors who are dedicated to guide and help students achieve their wings.  Early in the program students will receive a Guide from the CFI intended for reference and periodic review.  It contains TEMAC field rules and details of things to strive for and do.  Students are encouraged to bring the Guide with them to flight training sessions.  Having the Guide available will be useful for consulting with Instructors and Ground Crew on specific practices the student is undertaking, in advancing towards their goal of obtaining their wings.

2. Fly a trainer type model with precision and control. Consistently. Which means once you are off the buddy box, fly lots and practice, practice, practice. We’re looking for smooth constant control, (without Safe mode), so no mental lapses, stay in the pattern, and don't make your landings look like a fluke. You will have to demonstrate this over a number of times at the club, not just on one occasion. Conditions change and we want to see you adapt to them (examples: can you do both left and right hand circuits, can you fly and land competently in a cross wind, etc.?)

3. Be courteous. Follow the rules (even the annoying ones) call out your intentions, and play nice with the other people at the club. This will result in a safe and fun environment.

4. Become a good member of the club. Get involved. Demonstrate that you want to be a member of TEMAC, not just there to earn your wings and move on. Nobody at TEMAC gets paid to do the things they do for the club in support of everyone else's enjoyment of the hobby. If you take more than you give, then you need to rethink your decision to join.

5. When necessary pretend that Rogo's jokes are funny.  Some truly are.  This is still an important feat to achieve in accomplishing your wings.  (Please refer back to item #3)

If you do all these things, you will obtain your wings. Members of the ‘TEMAC wings program team’ will individually or jointly make wing recommendations when the time is right.

Not all clubs follow this approach, and this is fine. MAAC lets the clubs decide how they want to deal with this topic and we've had a lot of success doing what we are doing. So charge your batteries and I'll see you at the field.



General Discussion / Re: FPV at TEMAC
« Last post by Crazyflyer on Today at 07:44:36 am »
I really like the idea of each pilot station having it's own frequency group.
In organized events, that is the way it is setup and will probably be easier than putting in clothespins on the board or forgetting to do so.
This also allows people who don't want to change channels when they get to the field to line up to a station and wait their turn.

The only challenges I see are to make sure we are all on the same MW power (200mw or 600mw), I fly 600 because I like to get to the edge of the field but a large number of VTXs have one power level only.

I have concerns about the pit mode setup because most people at TEMAC are not avid FPV pilots with the latest gear. I personally don't think that part is critical.
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