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Trading Post / FS: DJI FPV full package with ...
Last post by bfeist - Today at 05:03:55 PM
Hi fellow TEMACers. I haven't been flying my DJI FPV drone for quite some time and thought I'd put it up for sale. It really is a lot of fun and gave me that feeling of flying I always imagined while flying RC.

Never crashed, always taken care of. Batteries always stored at 60% charge.

Paid: $2,374.70 + camera bag
Currently retailing for: $2052

Asking: $1500

  • DJI FPV drone
  • 3 batteries and DJI charger
  • DJI Goggles V2
  • DJI Goggles rechargable battery pack
  • DJI Goggles battery adapter that lets you use any 3-6s pack to power the goggles
  • DJI controller 2
  • 4 Props with case
  • 4 Spare props with case
  • A perfect camera case backpack that I bought separately
  • 2 USB charging adapters for remote and goggles battery
  • Video out USB adapter for connection to phone or tabled (Android or iOS) for spectators to watch
  • Spare canopy and goggles strap

Very clever solution Dave!
General Discussion / Re: Post crash analysis- did t...
Last post by msatin - Today at 08:25:43 AM
Thanks Pat - Never noticed that
General Discussion / Re: Post crash analysis- did t...
Last post by pmackenzie - Today at 07:40:55 AM
Quote from: msatin on April 17, 2024, 11:14:36 PMPerhaps RealFlight (RC Flight Simulator) should include various types of failures into the their sim
FWIW, it already does do this :)
Building / Construction / Re: L-39 Albatross by Planepri...
Last post by davidk - Yesterday at 11:42:25 PM
I could not get the landing gear to bolt solidly to the retract pin with 3mm machine screws.  They slide around even when taxiing a bit.
I've wanted to try threaded inserts for a while and got some and some attachments for my soldering iron.
The inserts melted into the PLA in about 1 second.
The retract pin is 4mm so I put a 4mm steel rod into the landing gear to ensure I didn't go too far when putting in the threaded insert.
Then, instead of using a machine screw I used a set screw.  With a bit of Loctite I can really tighten the gear on now without fear of stripping PLA threads.
I feel using a threaded insert and a set screw may solve this issue with 3D printed landing gear.
The threaded insert is 3mm x H4.  It is 4mm in length and 4.2mm in diameter.  After they were installed I screwed in a long 3mm bolt and tried very hard to pull the insert out.  It wouldn't budge.
We'll see how it all does on grass.
General Discussion / Re: Post crash analysis- did t...
Last post by Knightlite - Yesterday at 10:41:25 PM
Taking off with reversed servos after a transmitter swap.
General Discussion / Re: Post crash analysis- did t...
Last post by msatin - Yesterday at 08:30:56 PM
Accidental reversing the esc in mid air
General Discussion / Re: Post crash analysis- did t...
Last post by GuyOReilly - Yesterday at 06:22:56 PM
Change in CG location due to battery pack not secure.
General Discussion / Re: Post crash analysis- did t...
Last post by Frank v B - Yesterday at 05:41:55 PM
Mark, I like your idea on the failures randomly programmed into RealFlight.

After 30 years of flying, the following should be programmed in:
- elevator coming off after a violent maneuver.  Probability 1 in 100 flights (had it happen once)
- engine cutting out 5 seconds after take-off.  Prob 1 in 20 for electric.  1 in 10 flights for IC.
- aileron unhinging 1 in 200 flights. (had it happen twice).   One caused a violent crash.
- servo failure 1 in 100 per surface (aileron, elevator, rudder).  (happened once-vibration cut through the elevator servo wire)
- broken stab half (had it happen!)
- prop flying off the motor on take-off or randomly after going to full throttle for vertical. (Happened twice).
- battery falling out/battery failure (had it happen twice!). 1 in 200
- wheel coming off on take-off and landing. Had it happen three times.
- retracts getting stuck up (belly land) or down (but not locked).
- servo horn/aileron horn breaking in flight. 1 in 300
- stabilization accidentally turning on or off.  Caused an Apprentice fly-away.
- mid-air collision.  Had it happen twice (one chewed up my rudder from behind, one sheared off the top of my fin/rudder).

Added from posts:
-  flight battery coming loose and sliding rearward (tail heavy CG issue).
- accidental electric motor reversing in mid-flight.  Yes, it happened!

You can add your own....  Please!  I will update this post with your ideas to make the final list and forward it to Horizon Hobbies. Without these items they should be forced to call it "near (or mostly) RealFlight". Truth in advertising. ;D

Neat idea.

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Last post by Bridger - Yesterday at 04:15:43 PM
thanks Michael