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Started by jimconnell, December 10, 2004, 01:36:37 PM

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Hi Everyone

I have a suggestion/question concerning our current membership fee rates.  My experience from this year has shown me just how important it is for a club to have good instructors.  Without these experienced helping hands most of us would probably never get their wings and any club without instructors would probably stop seeing any new members enroll.  In my case I would probably have already left the hobby frustrated at the loss of planes and money if it were not from the help that I received from our clubs instructors.  These people are a pretty valuable asset for any growing club and I was wondering if there was some way in which our club could thank these people for their time and patience and persuade others to help in this way.  My suggestion is that we could do this by waving the cost of their membership fee as a thank you for their services and perhaps encourage other instructors to make a similar commitment to our club.  Besides being a classy way to say thank you, I think you we could easily justify it as an investment in both our members and that of our club.

What do you think?

Thanks for your time.

Jim Connell



This is a fair suggestion.

Considering the amount of time dedicated, it seems reasonable. The only problem with this in a club like ours, is where do you draw the line without upsetting other volunteers.

By far, I have donated more time, effort and money that anyone else, yet would not consider taking a free membership. Others, such as John Werner, have put in tremendous hard work and time, and he pays for membership.

Another concern, is that other instructors have not made the same effort. For example, I don't think Jack Humphreys, one of TEMAC's instructors, has really conributed much time at all this past season. My son Adam has helped a bit, mostly by testing already accomplished flyers and awarding wings and certificates. André Wedseltoft, on the other hand, has contributed many hours, several times a week, to teach others to fly RC, and he travels the furthest.

Not everyone deserves a free membership. While I think, for example, that André deserves at least a free membership, if not more, for his services to the club, it has to be presented in a way that will seem fair to all.

I need to think about this.

Perhaps TEMAC can compensate André for his expenses (gasoline, etc) for coming to instruct, equal to the amount of an annual membership cost.

One way or the other, I acknowledge that André's instructing is crucial to the club. If there is no serious objection, I will arrange something fair.



Instructing really takes away from the instructor's own flying time. Andre helped me at the field; I really appreciated that, as he was the only one there that day. One can volunteer to work on the field when its too windy to fly, but when conditions are "right" everyone would like to be in the air. Thanks, Andre, and Happy New Year!!


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