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Author Topic: PRODUCTS FROM RELATED HOBBY  (Read 1627 times)

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« on: June 01, 2005, 10:45:34 AM »
West Mountain Radio has been a favourite of amateur radio operators. I just noticed their website points out:"West Mountain Radio is an amateur radio and R/C hobbyist company. The people here include both R/C modelers and Amateur Radio operators. Both hobbies are fun." They offer three products of interest to e-fliers:

power meters:

a computerized battery analyzer:"Our New Computerized Battery Analyzer (CBA) is our first product designed specifically for RC modelers, especially E flight. It is the only easy way to discover true battery performance with lab quality graphical testing. Fly longer, faster and higher and avoid losing a model due to a bad pack. "

and Anderson Powerpoles® and crimp tools.

See http://www.westmountainradio.com/RCintro.htm

No, I'm not in this for personal financial gain !!

Rod Clark

Best regards,
Rod Clark
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