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Started by piker, October 18, 2014, 09:12:16 PM

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so the cores with the  big "X"s on them are going to Simon right :)

Thanks Rob and Jack... looking forward to tonight!
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Yes.  Those are the "special" cores for Simon   ;D


   Hey Rob,

   Thanks for the wing cores and drawings, Looks like a great replacement for that which shall remain unnamed for fear of it coming back to haunt me.   lol



That plane that shall not be named got us through many exciting races  ;D

I'm glad you were able to stop by last night.  It was fun.


Well, I have to leave for Tucson tomorrow (Oct 29) and won't be back until Friday, November 7th, so I won't be able to add any more pictures to the build instructions.  But if you start based on the instructions, the plans, and check the adjustments post, you should be fine.  I'll check here as I'm away so if you have any questions, please ask.

If you don't have your cores yet, you can start on the fuselage and tail, then get onto your wings when I get back.

However, we DO have a bit of time before the next race  ;D


Really sorry I missed the morphine build kick-off. I've been ill the last few days.

I can't wait to get my specialty wings.

Look what I did with the last "special" racing wings that I had lying around.....


"I'm disrespectful to dirt. Can you see that I am serious?"


Is the photo distorting the size of the tail? If not it looks proportionately much bigger than i would expect.

Glad to see you are improving.

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I think it's mostly distorted by perspective but it is bigger than I think it could be.

The wing made for this model is and mine is only