August 21 Non-Funfly photos 1

Started by Frank v B, August 26, 2022, 05:33:07 PM

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Frank v B

Mr. Andy Hoffer was asked to take a photo of each participant at the event.  Here is the result.
Again, thanks for all those who participated and visited.  Thanks to the Board for supplying the food and beverages.
Much appreciated.


012- Mark Satin
014- Johnson
016- Guy doing his best impression of a Cop trying to look like a Pilot.
017- Mike Brodey...just happy to be alive and flying.
021- Rob Dickinson...just happy to see each airplane and person only once  (ps: his double vision cleared up just in time.)
022- Jim Spence contemplating how his peaceful early flying was interrupted by a horde of flyers arriving.
024- David Kates smiling at the weather gods.
036- Michael beaming.
049- Simon Chapman before his demonstration eggbeater flying (helicopter).  Note the fish on the hat.  I believe it is a Permit.  He caught several on his last trip.  Tough to catch.
BTW: Simon fills his spare time between fishing trips by flying model airplanes.
041- great to see Roger Mason out.  Our Club WW2 historian.
048- Karl happy to be at the field between world cruises.
052- Guy found his Spit in the corn after a (my) failed maiden attempt.  Guy is scouting about for a new test pilot.  No damage.
057- Philip Fu.
059- Loi...always happy to be at Rogo Field.
046- Peter doing some heavy lifting.

More to come.

"Never trade luck for skill"