TEMAC forum will be upgraded later today

Started by bfeist, January 20, 2024, 02:04:49 PM

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The TEMAC forum in its current state has been serving us dutifully for many (many) years. In that time I have made small security patches, but we're at a point where this version of the forum software is no longer maintained.

Later today I'm going to upgrade to the latest version.

With this upgrade will come a theme styling change. No more sky blue Meridian theme (it hasn't been supported since 2014). I'll try to make the change as low impact as I can. Don't worry, the ancient wordpress homepage at temac.ca will stay the same (for now). On the upside, the mobile version of the forum should be better.

While I perform the upgrade, the forum will be offline in "maintenance mode" for a bit. Wish me luck; I'll see you all on the other side.



You never fail until you stop trying


...and we're back!

I also added a dark mode. To turn it on, click your profile name at the top, click "look and layout", then click "change" next to Current Theme. The dark theme is called Repulse_v1.1.

I hope the transition isn't too painful for anyone. Please reply here if you have any trouble.


How am I expected to learn about new technology at my age!?


Thanks Ben!

Frank v B


Just used it to update a post.  The changes make absolute sense and appear to make everything faster. Like the sideways pictures so everything can be read without scrolling.

re: your "How am I expected to learn about new technology at my age!?"
What does that make me?.  I have close to 20 years on you.  If you consider yourself old, I must be ancient.... and loving it. 
Cynthia is hoping I will mature at some point.


"Never trade luck for skill"


Glad you like it, @Frank v B@sihinch, just pretend it's a new battery technology.



    is there any way to get the screen to display full width on a PC monitor?
    Seems optimized for vertical mode on portable devices.
    I didn't find anything in "Look and Layout".


Pat MacKenzie


I just made it unlimited width for you @pmackenzie. Don't hurt your neck!


I've been having a few problems with the forum the last few days. Very slow to load and sometimes unresponsive.

Anyone else having trouble?


I too am experiencing some lag and delays in loading the forum pages, but I thought it was a "user-issue".


Apologies everyone. I've been on work travel for a couple of weeks. I'll address this more directly when I get home. Hang in there.


We've been getting a ton of automated traffic to the site. I've put a human verification wall at the front that will check to make sure you're a person before showing the site. Hopefully this will address the recent slowness people have been experiencing.




The attacks continue. I just banned all traffic from China. That has fixed the slowdown for now.